Why we started to develop a blockchain game?

Digital property rights

In traditional games, players purchase digital items (e.g., skins in Fortnite) that they are just “renting” from the game company. When game assets become NFTs, there is a new level of assurance for the player and their achievements. They can have their unique collectibles forever, and they have collectible value.


Virtual goods now have rich, verifiable histories. Imagine owning the exact signed gun skin your favorite esports players used to win the world championship.

Community governance

The community-driven operation creates a healthier two-way relationship between you and us to make the game exceptional for you. You can participate in the direction of the games via DAOs and councils

Web3 payment infrastructure

By using web3 payment infrastructure, seamless payments are possible across several use cases, such as smart contract prize pools and tournament payouts — which is particularly burdensome in traditional esports.



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Nature Awakens Game

Nature Awakens Game


🎮 A Strategy Game on Algorand Blockchain and Winner of Algorand Foundation A-Game hackathon (2021) 🥇 https://linktr.ee/NatureAwakensGG