Why did we choose Algorand Blockchain as our game infrastructure?


With the Algorand Standard Assets (ASA) capability, a fast-paced and low-cost Layer 1 mechanism on the blockchain, artists, musicians, and creators can easily represent any asset on the blockchain. These include art, trading cards, music, and video. It means Algorand blockchain is one the best solution for NFT games.


Algorand’s speed and near-instant transaction finality ensure that something like an in-game purchase won’t disrupt the player experience. Its low cost per transaction (just fractions of a cent) enables participation by a mass consumer base, and the network’s scalability allows applications to accommodate audiences of scale.


Algorand is a forkless blockchain that gives creators the advantage of securing their NFTs and protecting them from duplication. Developers can also access various tools to customize their tokens according to their preferences.

Less Carbon Footprint

One of our primary concerns at RainHero Games is preserving and valuing Nature, and Algorand is one of the blockchains that has outdone itself.



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Nature Awakens Game

Nature Awakens Game


🎮 A Strategy Game on Algorand Blockchain and Winner of Algorand Foundation A-Game hackathon (2021) 🥇 https://linktr.ee/NatureAwakensGG