What Happened at the Istanbul Gaming Summit

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2 min readMar 14


The second annual Istanbul Game Summit event was held on 9 March in the beautiful city of Istanbul by the Deconstructor of Fun and Google. Prominent figures in the gaming industry were present at the event. Good discussions took place, which you can watch at the link below:

📍 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duB6lLuWZeU

📍 https://adsonair.withgoogle.com/events/igs23-googledof

One of our primary goals, which we were looking for at this event, was to find other game development teams and studios working in the web3 area, learn about them, and get to know people with skills in emerging disciplines in the web3 game industry that we were able to meet some talented individuals as promised and good connections were formed.

Of course, there are also investors wherever talented and entrepreneurial individuals and teams are; potential investors are also there. At this event, several notable investors in this industry were also present, and we were able to talk to some of them.

The highlight of this event was the lectures and panels that we mentioned above, and perhaps one of the best of them were the talks of Eric Kress, the founder of Deconstructor of Fun, which was about Apple’s new decisions in the privacy area, and how much it can affect the future of this industry. He also presented his prediction for the gaming industry in 2023.

Eric Kress, the founder of Deconstructor of Fun

Also, Javier Barnes’ had a fantastic talk on how to make an entertaining game using different mechanics. It was filled with valuable tips for any game designer.

Javier Barnes, Sr Product Manager, Game Economy & F2P Monetization Specialist

And finally, the vision and the comments of Richard Kim from Galaxy Digital were also excellent. He mentioned that being fun and entertaining was far more important than earning money, affecting the game’s success in the long run, which is aligned with our vision at RainHero. We are glad such beliefs are present in the big Game and Entertainment community.

But the best part of any event can be meeting the Nature Awakens members in person; We look forward to meeting more of you in person. 🤗



Nature Awakens Game

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