What did we accomplish in Decipher 2022?

Nature Awakens Game
2 min readDec 6, 2022

Decipher is the second annual gathering of the builders, founders, investors, and strategists deciphering the future on Algorand. The Decipher2022 event was held in Dubai from November 28th to 30th.

In this event, various groups of people with different approaches to blockchain participated, including:

  • Algorand’s Team
  • Investors
  • Exchanges
  • Software production teams
  • Game production teams
  • Community Builders
  • Marketing agencies
  • Influencers

Arash and Emaad from the RainHero game studio also partook in this event. Our first face-to-face meeting with the Algorand community was exciting, and we enjoyed getting to know them.

In this event, various lectures were held on the future of web3, the goals of Algorand, the technical issues of development using Algorand, etc. Besides the lectures, various panels were also held.

As part of the event, a pitch competition was held where startups in the early stages presented their ideas to the judges, and the judges commented on those ideas. Moreover, other than receiving a prize, winners of these competitions will get the opportunity to participate in the acceleration program.

Furthermore, another competition was planned in which startups with a product intended to attract capital would have the opportunity to attract capital from investors.

Among our most significant achievements from this event, we can mention the following:

  • Getting to know more about the Algorand team and talking about their goals and plans.
  • Getting to know the teams producing Defi products using the infrastructure provided by Algorand.
  • Getting to know more about the people involved in shaping the Algorand game community and the game development teams that use the Algorand infrastructure.

One of the most inspiring speeches at this event was the speech of W. Sean Ford (iCEO at Algorand), who said that:

“this bear market has taken the opportunity from companies that are trying to create hype without creating value and without technical support. Now is the best time to produce and create value.

According to him, “It’s Our Time!

To see the lectures of this event, you can refer to this link:

🔗Decipher 2022 | The Developer Greenhouse Livestream — Day 2

Finally, you can get the latest news of our game from the social bundles on 🔗Discord, 🔗Twitter, 🔗Instagram, and 🔗others.



Nature Awakens Game

A new strategy game from @Rainherogames and winner of the @Algorand Hackathon (2021)