RainHero Games granted a reward by Algorand Foundation to make a web3 game

Nature Awakens Game
1 min readNov 14, 2022

In late 2021, the Rain‌Hero team participated in the Algorand 5-week Hackathon and gained first place.

The Rain‌Hero team decided to make a co-op, auto-battle NFT game during this event. The following departments were involved in the process of making this game:


  • Characters & NFTs Design
  • Environment Design


  • Environment-Friendly basis
  • Battles against different devil leaders for saving nature purposes
  • Variety of races and characters that the player uses to defend nature

Smart Contract Development

  • On-chain development of core logic
  • NFT Airdrop and Token distribution after winning a match
  • Matchmaking and finding teammates and opponents

Game Design

  • Combat System
  • Matchmaking Design
  • Character’s stats balancing

Game Client Implementation

  • Multiplatform client development on Unity3D Game Engine
  • The connection between Smart contracts and client
  • NFT retrieval from the user’s wallet

In addition, you can watch the Rise of Nature trailer here.



Nature Awakens Game

A new strategy game from @Rainherogames and winner of the @Algorand Hackathon (2021)