A Development Update on Nature Awakens [Feb 2023]

Nature Awakens Game
2 min readFeb 10, 2023

In this post, we want to update you on the work our team has been involved with these days. We have been testing and analyzing different core gameplays to choose the most attractive and amazing one.


The graphic team is currently busy designing the assets for one of the main gameplay concepts we have verified that will be used in the game. Here is a video that shows you how the design process for the characters in the game works.

Character Design Process in Nature Awakens Game

Technical Development Team

The server section has been preparing the necessary infrastructure to implement a real-time online scalable game. One of the major requirements of real-time games is the synchronization of the server and client of the game, and the technical team has been working hard on making a robust and fully synced connection between server and client. Furthermore, the client section has been implementing the first version of core gameplay, including game logic and navigation system, using the Unity game engine.

Game Economy

It is essential for a web3 game to have a sustainable economy to ensure that it will be able to engage players, provide decentralization, find long-term viability, and build a loyal community around the game. Having this stable economy is one of our key pillars, and we are busy exploring different models of the game economy to design and build a sustainable economy for the game.


To attract new members to the community, we are working on diverse growth hacking strategies and various marketing campaigns. Aside from this, based on the game’s appeal, we count on your support in introducing it to others.


Our first campaign is about to begin, and you will soon hear interesting news about it in the discord’s community section. For members of our community, we are planning several exciting quests and challenges.

Game Story

The gameplay is complete with the inclusion of stories. Our vision is that games must have stories. Heroes and villains populate the game world. It is a world of conflict and fantasy. For players to understand what they are doing, we must tell them stories. Our content team is working on the grand storyline, including each character’s backstory, which will be announced in the community.

It is important for us to reach a version soon, where we can share the game with you and get your feedback so we can improve the following version based on your comments. Getting your feedback is very important for us regarding the game production process.

More details about the game will be released shortly :)



Nature Awakens Game

A new strategy game from @Rainherogames and winner of the @Algorand Hackathon (2021)